To give birth to a child is one of the most joyful and exhilarating event in a woman’s life. Having a safe pregnancy followed by childbirth is also very important for the health of the mother as well as the child. The person who can assist you during this event is known as an obstetrician, a qualified professional dealing in pregnancy and childbirth.

Dr Sukirti Jain, one of the top obstetricians in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai says that an obstetrician’s role is not only limited to pregnancy and delivery alone, it also includes pre pregnancy planning and post natal care of the mother. She says that Mumbai being a cosmopolitan city, there are a large number of obstetricians in Mumbai, however each one’s skill, experience and approach would not be the same. Being a successful obstetrician in Mumbai herself, she lists out the role of an obstetrician and well as the factors important while choosing the right obstetrician for the delivery of your child.
So what does an Obstetrician do?

An obstetrician does the following:

• Pre Pregnancy Planning
• Examine the health of the mother and developing baby
• Carry out regular ultrasounds, measurements and tests
• Probe for risk factors like high BP, diabetes, kidney disease etc. that could complicate pregnancy
• Chart out an appropriate diet plan, exercise and medicines for a good health
• Answer pregnancy and growing baby related queries
• Explain the labour and delivery process
• Carry out delivery of baby
• Supervise the health of the patient while she recovers and provide post natal care

What are the points you should consider while looking out for an obstetrician in Mumbai?

1) Your Health Record
If you have a history of chronic conditions such as high BP, diabetes, etc. or complications in the past requiring extra care, you’ll have to make sure that the doctors you’re considering have any experience in treating patients like you. Your obstetrician must be qualified and experienced in handling cases of high risk pregnancy and various other pregnancy complications.
2) C-section or Vaginal
The doctor may suggest one of the 2 delivery options i.e. C-section or Vaginal. Make it a point to ask the reason for choosing that particular birthing method over the other.
3) Educational qualification
It is very important to choose an obstetrician who possesses the required qualification and is certified by the board. Also, make it a point to research about the doctor before hand.

4)Availability of Doctor
Availability of the doctor is a crucial factor that needs to be taken into consideration for preventative and prenatal care. Is the doctor available even in the middle of the night if a problem arises? When your OBs are in group practice where the doctors rotate “on call” duties, the delivery of your baby may be done by another doctor in the group. Hence it is important to enquire about this while choosing an Obstetrician.
5) Comfort level with the doctor
It is important to be able to able to connect with the doctor and have wavelengths of thinking that match, because pregnancy and delivery can be stressful. You must be comfortable with the doctor during physical examinations. You need to be able to ask questions easily to the doctor, who in turn must be able to provide simple and understandable explanations to your queries.

6) Vicinity
It is advisable to select obstetricians in the vicinity of your home. For e.g. if you stay in Mumbai, research and find out the best obstetrician in Mumbai and zero down on the ones who are the best nearby, for your care.