Baby is finally here! The joys and challenges of motherhood are about to begin. It is important to remember to take care of yourself as well as your new baby. Having a baby can be a life-changing, meaningful and enjoyable experience. However babies place huge emotional and physical demands on their parents. Sometimes these demands can feel overwhelming, as they are continuous throughout the day and night and over a long period of time

Post Natal care is of due importance. Make sure to rest when you can and don’t try to do too much. You need to understand that changes in your body post-delivery will continue for next couple of months as you decide whether or not to breastfeed and as your body starts to recover from having the baby. As we all know, breast milk is the best form of food for the babies. Your will start breastfeeding your baby as soon as possible after the delivery, if you need assistance with breastfeeding, your doctor will help you to guide to take a right way.

Everyone wish to lose those extra kilos post-delivery but a healthy way of reducing weight post pregnancy is must, consult your doctor for type of diet or exercise plan to reduce weight in right manner. While breastfeeding, you’ll need to consume an additional calories per day so never for opt for “Diet”

Postnatal visit to doctor is an important part of the pregnancy care. Post Natal visit to your gynaecologist is required for abdomen check-up. It is important to discuss about contraception as well, as there is a high risk of pregnancy immediately postpartum,

In many cases post-delivery woman may face challenges like Postnatal Depression, Anxiety, Birth Trauma, Relationship Difficulties, Bonding and Attachment Difficulties and specific parenting issues such as sleeping, crying and feeding. Sometimes this depression will go away on its own, but medication or therapy may be needed. Both can help you feel better and get back to enjoying your new baby.

Though a new baby needs constant care, you will be skilled at taking care of your child in no time. You will not be alone as your family, friends, doctor, and support groups will help you get through it.

One can also enrol for postnatal classes which can cover a variety of topics including breastfeeding, expressing breast milk, sleeping baby safely and settling baby.